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What is the difference between an Air Source Heat Pump and an Air Conditioning system?

An air source heat pump heats water i.e Underfloor heating, radiators and hot water cylinders. An air conditioning system heats and cools air.

What’s the difference between ‘Maintenance’ and ‘Service’?

Maintenance is when we carry out a pre listed set of tasks on your system to keep it in good working order. Service work is to repair or fault find on a system.

Does an engineer need to set the timer?

We strongly advise that all timers are set by yourself, the reason for this is so know how to change your timers in the future when needed.


Air Conditioning

Will an Air Conditioning system heat as well as cool?

Yes they are extremely good at heating, they can heat up and cool down a room very quickly which makes them ideal for rooms that are not used very often.

How economical are Air Conditioning systems?

They are one of the most economical heating and cooling systems on the market today, most system are A+ efficient. You can save up to 60% on running costs when compared to an electric radiator or fan heater.

How often should I have my Air Conditioning system maintained?

Systems in domestic properties that are not in constant use generally require one service per year. Units that are in a busy office should be maintained at least twice per year to keep them running at their optimum level. For areas with high levels of pollution or contaminants in the air such as gyms, kitchens, hairdressers or workshops, more than 2 visits per year may be required.

Can you supply temporary portable Air Conditioning systems before or whilst you install our system?

Yes we have a fleet of portable hire units and are able to provide them until your air conditioning system is installed.

Which manufacturers do you use for your Air Conditioning systems?

Like most companies we have ones we prefer for many good reasons, however we have the ability to install most manufacturers.

What temperature will the Air Conditioning system cool the room down to?

Industry standard is to cool a room to 23 degrees which is a comfortable room temperature, cooling it below this is seen as a waste of energy. However if it does require cooling below 23 degrees it is possible.

What are the benefits of having Air Conditioning?

There are many and here is just a few of them: better air quality through the system filtration, fewer insects as you are able to keep the windows and doors closed, improved work force efficiency, cooler tempers, easier sleep, protects furniture, prevents electronic devices from overheating, better security, fewer sweat stains.

What to do when the Air Conditioning system isn’t going to be used for a long time?

Operate by COOL mode and set the temperature to its highest or set FAN mode for 3 to 4 hours. This dries the inside of the unit and moisture in the air conditioner contributes. Then turn off via the controller then turn off at the power supply. Remove all batteries from the controller.

How/ Why are Multi-split and single split Air Conditioning systems controlled differently?

You are able to change between heating and cooling mode as required on single split systems. Multi-split systems all the indoor units can only operate in either heating or cooling mode at any given time, you still have the ability to individually change the following on all the indoor units: On/Off, fan speed, temperature set point, timers.


Air Source Heat Pump

Are Air Source Heat Pumps expensive to run?

Air source heat pumps cost approximately 50% less than an oil fired system and 10% less than a mains gas system.

How often should I have my air source heat pump system maintained?

It's recommended by ourselves and manufacturers that the system is serviced annually. Depending on usage, this may be required to increase accordingly.

Will radiators work with an Air Source Heat Pump?

Yes, air source heat pumps work very well with radiators as long as the radiators are sized correctly.

Are there are grants with Air source heat pumps?

You can claim the 'Boiler Upgrade Scheme' which is a one off grant of £5000.00, please ask for more information.

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