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Quality and Professional Service in the Design, Installation and Maintenance of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR)

The system consists of a main MVHR unit which houses the fans, the heat exchanger and the filtration system. This is connected to a network of air ducting that runs throughout the property into the required rooms. The air is then supplied and extracted to the rooms via air valves in the walls or ceiling. The MVHR unit is usually concealed in the loft, utility room, kitchen cupboard or even the garage.

Humid and odorous air that is created from everyday tasks, such as cooking, bathing and laundry is extracted from the property, particularly from kitchens and bathrooms eliminating odours and moisture. The extracted air needs to be replaced, so filtered air from outside is brought into the rooms for example living rooms and bedrooms. This provides a consistent mix of extract and supply air throughout the property creating a healthy and fresh environment.

MVHR systems can be up to 90% efficient, this is achieved by the extract air passing over a heat exchanger which is then warmed from the heat in the extract air. The supply air that comes from outside also passes over the heat exchanger but does not mix with the extract air. This in turn then warms the supply air and retains up to 90% of the heat from the extracted air.

Summer bypass - If an MVHR system is installed with summer bypass, you are able to bring air into the property directly from outside without the air passing over the heat exchanger. This means throughout summer, if the outside air temperature is lower than the temperature inside then it can have a cooling effect and lower the temperature in the property.



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