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Troubleshooting Guide

Why won't my system turn on?

Please check the batteries in any wireless controller and check the main power supply is turned on.


Air Conditioning

What to do when the Air Conditioning system isn’t going to be used for a long time?

Operate by COOL mode and set the temperature to its highest or set FAN mode for 3 to 4 hours. This dries the inside of the unit as moisture in the air conditioner contributes. Then turn off via the controller then turn off at the power supply. Remove all batteries from the controller.

Why does my Air Conditioning system stop heating every so often?

This is completely normal. When the outside temperature is around freezing the system needs to perform a "Defrost" operation every so often, while the system is doing this it will stop heating internally for a few minutes, then process can repeat several times.

Why isn't the room cooling down or heating up enough?

Please increase the fan speed until desired room temperature is achieved.

My Air Conditioning system is in heat mode, why nothing is happening yet?

It can take a few minutes for the system to warm up, please wait.

Why is there a strange smell coming from the indoor unit?

Please run the system in cooling mode at the lowest temperature and lowest fan speed for 30 minutes this should help.


Air Source Heat Pump

I have no hot water or heating, what should I do?

Please check all electrical switches are on for your heating system.

Why is Under Floor Heating in one of the rooms not getting warm?

If you have wireless room thermostats, please check the batteries.

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