Would you like to know more about the new "Boiler Upgrade Scheme" (BUS) for air source heat pumps? Here's what we know so far.....

● The grant for an air source heat pump will be £5,000
● Installers have to apply for the voucher
● Applications are made through an online portal
● To apply for a voucher the system has to be commissioned after 1st April 2022
● The voucher is only valid for 3 months, no extensions or grace periods
● Property owners have to consent via the online portal
● Customers will get a certain amount of time to approve before the application is labelled as ‘dormant’
● If a voucher expires it will be recycled and reused for another customer
● EPC certificates produced within the last 10 years will be acceptable
● There will be no metering requirements, so second homes are eligible
● The scheme is running over 3 years with 30,000 vouchers available per year
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