What are F-Gas regulations and why?


In most air conditioning systems a refrigerant gas is contained inside the system. This is a key ingredient to the air conditioning system which without would not work. The refrigerant in the system is harmful to the O-zone layer and therefore is imperative that it does not escape into the atmosphere. 

F-Gas regulations were brought in to make sure all refrigerant is handled by competent engineers and to make sure it doesn't leak from air conditioning systems into the atmosphere. 

Refrigerant changes state according to pressure and therefore is measured by weight. All air conditioning systems with 3KG of refrigerant or less do not come under F-Gas legislation, yet systems containing over 3KG of refrigerant have to have various leak testing carried out and records MUST be held. Failure to comply with F-Gas legislation can result in very serious consequences. 

For more information on F-Gas legislation and to find out what you should be doing please contact us. 

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