The importance of a Deep Clean on your Air Conditioning system


A good quality air conditioning unit can make a dramatic difference to the comfort of your home or business. Helping to keep the space cool on the hottest of summer days, air conditioning can make your home or working environment a more pleasant place to be throughout the year.

In order for your air conditioning unit to be as efficient as possible, it needs to be kept clean. Removing dust, dirt and grime from filters and other elements of the system will prevent it from clogging up and ensure it’s energy efficient and effective.

Why do air conditioning systems need cleaning?

While the air you breathe might feel pretty clean and clear, in reality there are lots of particles and pollutants in the atmosphere. Dust, exhaust fumes, pollen, pet hair and other small pieces of debris can easily become airborne. As air is drawn into your air conditioning unit, these particles can become stuck in the system.

Over time, pollutants and particles can build up in the system and cause the
appliance to run less efficiently. This is especially common in areas with high levels of air pollution and places that are prone to pollen and dust in the air. Giving your air conditioning unit a deep clean will help to remove these impurities and allow the appliance to run more efficiently.

If your appliance hasn’t been cleaned for a while, you may notice that your energy bills are higher than normal or the system isn't performing as well. This is because your air conditioning system is having to work harder to cool the space. Cleaning the unit should help to reduce your energy bills and keep the air cleaner.

Air conditioning and COVID-19

While COVID-19 is spread through droplets and not via air conditioning systems, keeping your appliance clean could still help to slow the spread of the pandemic. This is because, in humid places, and in some rare circumstances, droplets can hang in the air for some time. Keeping the filters in your air conditioning unit clean will minimise the risk of infection in your premises.

How to clean your air conditioning unit

Often, the best way to clean your air conditioning unit is to call in the professionals. A trained technician will be able to take your unit apart, identify the coils and filters and thoroughly clean all parts of the system. This is also a good opportunity to give your air conditioning system a once-over to ensure everything is working as it should. If filters or coils are particularly dirty, they may need to be replaced to allow you to get the most out of the system.

If your air conditioning unit hasn’t been deep cleaned for a while, giving it a little TLC could help to reduce your energy bills, improve efficiency and make your home or business a safer place to be. Find out more, and learn about the high quality products we offer, by taking a look around our site today.

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