Rewards of Working in Renewable Energy

One of the fastest growing industries worldwide is renewable energy.  Individuals and businesses are much more aware of the negative and damaging impact the use of fossil fuels has had on our planet.  The impact of climate change and going green has put renewable energy technology at the forefront of people's minds.  

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Whether it’s solar panels and wind turbines or biofuels and wave energy, renewable energy is taking the world by storm.  The International Energy Agency's Renewables 2019 report revealed that capacity for renewables is likely to expand by 50% by 2024.  Lux Research estimate that the global industry for energy storage is expected to reach $546 billion by 2035.

It's been hard to miss the protests in London over the past year, focusing on recycling, reducing plastic usage, and the importance of renewable energy solutions.  The way the world uses energy is changing significantly, although there is still a reliance on fossil fuels. Work in the renewable energy sector to move away from damaging fossil fuels, on to more efficient, safer and reusable energy has increased exponentially.  Awareness of the effects fossil fuels have had on wildlife, plants and the air we breathe has had such an impact that not only individuals, but businesses are investing heavily in renewable energy sources.

The main renewable energy resources are:

  • Solar energy (solar roof panels or solar panel farms).

  • Wind energy (turbines, inland and offshore).

  • Tidal and wave energy.

  • Hydraulic and hydroelectric energy.

  • Biodiesel (organic fuel extracted from vegetable oils and food).


Not only will renewable energy sources provide a better and long-lasting energy supply, it is far cleaner and less damaging to the environment.  The renewable energy industry has a key role in tackling the skills shortage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Working in the renewable energy sector is one of the most up-and-coming careers worldwide, and there is a significant need for people with a wide range of skills in the industry.  

The UK is working to meet the international targets for reducing carbon emissions and tackle climate change.  

Offshore wind energy businesses currently have around 11,000 people employed directly or indirectly.   This is set to increase to around 27,000 by 2030. Alicia Green from Renewables UK, the trade association for wind and marine energy, predicts "the energy sector will see huge growth in the coming years."  She added: "Working in renewables offers the chance to be part of an exciting, growing industry as well as playing a part in the protection of the environment."

Renewable energy is the UK's second largest electricity source with 30% of our power coming from this source.  But to meet our climate change targets, this needs to increase; resulting in a skills shortage. Approximately 6,500 companies now operate in renewable energy.  David Hunt, managing partner at Hyperion Executive Search, a recruitment company that specialises in the energy sector, says: "One of the most exciting areas of growth is in energy storage, providing career opportunities worldwide."

Have we piqued your interest in working in the renewable energy sector?  At MAAC Heating & Cooling, we are looking for a Junior Engineer. This exciting opportunity is ideal for an enthusiastic, hands-on individual who is looking to start a highly sustainable career, learning fundamental technical skills as well as experience in a global industry.  

At MAAC Heating & Cooling, we design, supply and install air conditioning systems for domestic, commercial and industrial properties, and air source heat pumps — a leading renewable energy source — for domestic properties.  We are looking for a Junior Engineer that is keen to learn and looking to kickstart their career with a great company. To begin with, we will teach you about the business, the tools and equipment we use, mainly working on site with our engineers, gaining invaluable experience.  In the second year, we will finance and support you on a training course to gain your F-Gas qualification.  

We would like our Junior Air Conditioning Engineer to have the following attributes:

  • Great customer service and communication skills.

  • A good working mechanical knowledge.

  • Full driving licence and your own transport.

  • Be flexible on working hours.

  • Self-motivated and adaptable.

  • Honest, dedicated and punctual.

  • Polite and courteous.

  • Hard working.

Is this you?  We hope so. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone that has left school or college within the last 5 years to join a forward-thinking, friendly and fast-growing team that wants to make a difference in the renewable energy sector.  If you think you're the right person for the job, send your CV and a covering letter to

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