Norwich’s Promotion to the Premiership gives Local Businesses a Boost

After a hard-fought season, Norwich FC has won promotion to the Premier League. Not only is this great news for the Canaries and their legions of loyal fans, it’s also good for businesses based in Norwich and the surrounding towns and villages. Having a Premier League team in the area can be a real boost for the economy and attract new investment and new interest to the region.

If you’re a local business owner, the coming football season is set to be a busy period for your company. Keep reading to find out more.

Premier League status gives local economies a boost

Whether they’re directly connected to the football club or not, local businesses generally benefit when their closest team wins promotion to the top flight. When Swansea City FC made it into the Premier League, it’s estimated that the local economy was boosted by around £46m. This money comes from added jobs, away fans spending money during their stay in the city and the general boost that a Premier League club brings to a region.

Which local business will benefit the most?

Although all local businesses are likely to feel the impact of Norwich FC’s Premiership promotion, some are likely to see more of a benefit than others. Bars, restaurants and pubs are almost guaranteed to see an increase in trade on match days, especially when big name teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool come to town. Shops in and around Carrow Road are also likely to see an increase in trade when the Canaries are playing at home, with the possibility of a drop in customers when Norwich head off to play away.

As some away fans are likely to stay in Norwich overnight when they visit the city for a game, hotels and B&Bs are probably going to see a boost in business. In some cases, away fans may even stay in the city for the weekend, which could help to increase the profits of local holiday lets and activity companies.

Investing in local business

The extra revenue that’s generated during the Canaries’ stint in the Premier League could give businesses the income they need to thrive. This extra cash can be used to help improve the facilities on offer in commercial premises. For example, businesses could invest in air conditioning units for their shops and offices – something that could help to make both customers and staff more comfortable when the temperatures outside are extreme.

If you’re thinking of using your Premier League windfall to improve the conditions at your commercial premises, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out about the high-quality air conditioning units we offer and how our products can help make your premises a more enjoyable place to be.

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