Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Heat

We’ve seen some high temperatures again this summer and client experts are suggesting that this will become the norm in the years to come due to climate change. As a pet owner, you’ll want to know how to keep your pets cool when the temperatures are in the high 20°s and 30°s.

Consider installing air conditioning at home

In the UK, we haven’t really had the need for air conditioning units in the home simply because we’ve always had a temperate climate. But if day and night-time temperatures are going to be uncomfortably warm, installing energy-efficient air conditioning will benefit everyone, including your pets.

An air conditioning unit is more effective when it is allowed to run constantly with a thermostat to regulate the temperature in your home, just like your central heating does. Leaving this switched on during the day means a cooler home for your pets but also for you. And with a cooler temperature at night, you’ll all sleep better too. The air conditioning units will also heat so they can be used all year round.

Change your routine

Dog owners tend to have a routine in which their pooch is walked in the morning before work and again in the evening. These tend to be the cooler parts of the day, but in the recent heatwaves we’ve seen even these times of day too hot for pets.

Your pet has a layer of fur which makes regulating their temperature hard. Even a climb in temperature of one or two degrees makes a big difference. And so changing your routine is key to comfortable and safe exercise for your dog.

When you go on your walk, ensure you take a collapsible bowl and bottle of water for your dog.

Invest in a fresh water indoor pet water fountain

Pets regulate their temperature by drinking plenty of fresh water but, like us, the best way to do this is in small quantities rather than in one gulp. Access to fresh water is important and there are many new innovations coming to the market, including indoor fresh water pet fountains. These allow you cat or dog, as well as the house rabbit, to enjoy a cool drink throughout the day.

An alternative is to add ice cubes to their water bowl to quickly cool it and to freeze their favourite treat into an ice cube which, as they lick and crunch, gives them valuable extra hydration.

An outdoor plunge pool for the dog!

Looking at countries that are accustomed to hotter summers, the tips for keeping pets cool during the heatwave are many and varied. One is to buy a plunge pool for your pooch!

Some dogs love wallowing in water and muddy puddles so investing in a child’s hardshell paddling pool is perfect. Put it in a shady spot of the garden and when the summer heatwave arrives, they can enjoy a soak in the cold water for a few minutes. 

It’s not just dogs that need taking extra care of during a heatwave. Cats can find the heat oppressive as too can rabbits and other pets. As well as a change in routine, you’ll need to consider permanent options like air conditioning in the home, especially with the promise that these temperatures could soon become the norm.


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