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How Norwich is coming together to fight COVID-19


As anyone living or working in the Norwich area will know, this part of the country has an incredibly strong community spirit.

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Rewards of Working in Renewable Energy


One of the fastest growing industries worldwide is renewable energy. Individuals and businesses are much more aware of the negative and damaging impact the use of fossil fuels has had...

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Keeping Your Pets Cool in the Heat


We’ve seen some high temperatures again this summer and client experts are suggesting that this will become the norm in the years to come due to climate change.

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Air Conditioning Can Help You Cope With Heat Waves!


Once again, the UK has been in the fiery grip of a heatwave. Summer 2018 delivered many months of hot, dry weather, something that many of us here in the...

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How Air Source Heat Pumps Actually Work – in 60 Seconds (or less)!


In less than a minute, you’ll discover how air source heat pumps extract heat from the air outside to heat your home.

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