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How Air Conditioning Systems Can Help With Allergens


According to Allergy UK, around four in ten Brits will suffer from allergies at some point in their lives.

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RHI, renewable heat incentive – the latest news


The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government scheme designed to encourage the uptake of renewable heat energies in domestic, commercial and institutional buildings across the UK.

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How you can help tackle climate change at home


Around the world, an estimated 97% of scientists agree that climate change is caused by human activity.

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What are F-Gas regulations and why?


In most air conditioning systems a refrigerant gas is contained inside the system. This is a key ingredient to the air conditioning system which without would not work. The refrigerant in the system is harmful to the O-zone layer and therefore is imperative that it does not escape into the atmosphere. 

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R22 Refrigerant Gas and Phase Out


R22 is a refrigerant gas widely used in older air conditioning and refrigeration systems. On the 1st of January 2015 it became illegal to use R22 in the servicing of all air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

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