Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Existing build Air Source Heat Pumps


Scope of Works: 

Our client required a renewable heating & hot water solution for a property they were renovating. The heating system was originalIy oil which did not meet current planning regulations. Our renewables team gathered information from site visits & architectural drawings to enable them to offer a bespoke solution to meet the client's needs in a suitable time frame to coincide with completion of the build. 

Work Carried Out:

- Renewable / low carbon solution to the pre-existing inefficient oiI boiler
- Energy efficient controI for comfortable heating regardless of the season
- Ultra quiet system with low maintenance
- Self contained unit which only requires water and electrical supply
- Wireless programmer
- No outdoor oil tank which requires maintenance and can create odours


Our installation was planned to work with our clients needs and time scales throughout their renovation project. We offered an air source heat pump along with a hot water tank to provide the property with an efficient, low carbon renewable source of heating and hot water. The equipment was ordered in advance and booked with our senior engineer to ensure a smooth installation. The Mitsubishi Ecodan system that we installed is the ideal solution for new build and renovation projects as it offers high efficiency hot water heating via a dedicated thermal store, low noise operation and high hot water capacity for both large and small homes. 

Equipment Installed: 

Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump with Split System Technology and hot water tank.